Photo by Charlie Firth
Why Values matter

Values are crucial. They define what’s important to us. Most interpersonal conflicts can be traced back to violations of values.

Violations of values always trigger emotions. And once the conflict becomes emotional, then fact-based arguments usually have a difficult stand.

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Don´t Think IT-Security is a Technical Problem

You think security is some stuff the IT department has to handle and it “should just work“? It is somehow important, but investing too much money is not worth either. Some IT geeks are dropping the money anyway into some kind of deep ditch in the server center? Are you thinking secretly that you might do that fancy Facebook campaign better instead? If you think so, then you are not alone.

But, unfortunately, you are not right. You should re-think your position.

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Photo by Rob Schreckhise
Irritated? - Great!

When we were kids, we just had it. Inquisitively we absorbed everything around us: Behaviours of the elderly, views, books. We tried to understand the world and learned new things every day. Why aren’t we able to act like this that as adults? Because we push everything through the filter of our experience.

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